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Information on the cool stone migraine therapy

Cool stones and aromatherapy takes the pain away!

During a migraine, blood vessels in the brain expand in a process called vasodilation.  As the tissues surrounding the brain swells, the pain intensifies.  The most commonly known triggers are stress, caffeine addiction, hormonal changes, food allergies and environmental agitation.

This was developed around 10 years ago for people looking for a quick way to achieve headache relief, naturally and without the need for over the counter or prescription drugs.

The treatment lasts approximately 40-45 min. And consists of massage therapy, utilizing specific headache point releases, combined with specific essential oils applied to the face and pulse points, along with the use of specially designed and crafted cold marble stones places at strategic areas to reduce inflammation of the blood vessels.

Aromatherapy is an integral part of the treatment. Our sense of smell is the strongest sense that we have, and aromatherapy designed for a certain type of headache can cause an immediate physiological relief from the irritation. Migraine triggers include food allergies, environmental irritants, stress and hormonal imbalance

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