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Manual Lymph Drainage Definition

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD): Manual Lymph Drainage is an advanced form of massage that aims to stimulate the lymphatic system to remove congestion and stagnation from within the body, and so help it return to a healthy condition. MLD was originated by Dr. Emil Vodder in the early 1900's. MLD therapy utilizes gentle massage strokes that remove blockages and promotes proper lymph flow. This is important because it is the primary function of the lymph system to defend the body against disease by cleansing, detoxifying and nourishing the body's tissues. Thus, when the lymph system is blocked, toxins and plasma may accumulate causing interference with cell nourishment and depressing the immune system. Symptoms that are said to respond well to MLD are a weakened immune system, chronic congestion (sinus etc), rheumatoid arthritis and the healing of wounds, burns and scars. MLD is also often incorporated into the treatment and control of Lymphoedema.

In 1936 the Beauty and Health Exhibition in Paris began writing about a "revolution in skin therapy" in their newspaper. Later in 1967 the Society for Dr. Vodder's Manual Lymph Drainage was established. In 1972 MLD was recognized by the national health insurance schemes. Today there is a biannual congress of the Society for Dr. Vodder's Manual Lymph Drainage.


Lymphatic drainage is a holistic approach to promoting a healthy lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a complex network of vessels and ducts that move fluid throughout the body and is responsible for moving toxins away from healthy cells and carrying germ-fighting materials to cells when they are under attack by viruses. Though fluid moves through the lymphatic system, it does not have its own pumping mechanism. Lymphatic drainage is a type of therapy that is intended to help the body produce a free-flowing lymphatic system.


This type of therapy consists of a manual massage, performed by a lymphatic drainage therapist. Such a massage primarily focuses on specific lymph nodes and points of the body, as well as the natural flow of the lymphatic system. To help lymph fluid move through the body, special rhythmic hand strokes are used, which many patients consider very relaxing. Proponents of lymphatic drainage believe that the process will reduce blockages of the lymphatic system, which in turn promotes a healthier body.


Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Fights Infection

 Boost your Immune System especially with the change of seasons…


Does you immune system work overtime?  If so, you might want to give it a boost by seeing a massage therapist trained in lymphatic drainage therapy.  This technique can boost your immunity by increasing the production of antibodies, stimulation circulation, moving congestion out of the body, and reducing swelling, especially after surgery, or injuries.  Because of the light touch used, lymphatic drainage can be used the day after surgery or the day of the injury.

The lymphatic system supports our body’s immune function and involves several organs, glands, and tissues, hundreds of lymph nodes, and a network of vessels. A clear lymph fluid flows through these vessels and carries the metabolic waste (bacteria, dead cells, fats, fluids, proteins and viruses) to the lymph nodes, where it is filtered.  These nodes often swell when we are sick.  The lymphatic drainage techniques used by massage therapists gently stimulate lymph nodes: help correct swelling and stagnation in those nodes reduce local fluid retention, boost the overall immune system, and provide relaxation.  As essential tool in the treatment of lymph edema (excess lymphatic fluid), this therapy is often applied postoperatively and can be especially beneficial for breast cancer patients.

Administering this treatment requires advanced training and is performed with gentle, massage-like strokes.  There should be no discomfort involved: in fact, you may feel you are hardly being worked on at all.



After your lymphatic drainage treatment, it’s possible you could feel some mild, flu-like symptoms, depending on how much strain your body has been under prior to treatment.  This strain may be due to environmental pollutants, medication and diet.  Most people leave the session simply feeling relaxed, but if you don’t feel at the top of your game, drink plenty of water, limit your salt intake, and stay physically active.

Lymphatic drainage is a healthy way to give your wellness a boost in a busy world that makes many demands on your immune system.


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